Mena Insurance Awards 2017 WINNERS

 Mena Insurance Awards 2017 recognised and celebrated companies and professionals achievements in Middle East and North Africa (re)insurance industry.

Mena Insurance Awards 2017 ceremony took place on the 1st February at the Ritz Carlton DIFC, Dubai. Mena Insurance Review handed out 33 awards to insurance, reinsurance and brokerage professionals, service providers and risk managers.

Bader Omar Attari, Chartered Insurance Risk Manager and Senior Vice President for Property & Causality and Marine Department Jordan International Insurance Group, collected the Rising Star award. “This is only the start, and by holding this award, I am with pleasure holding the responsibility to contribute more to the insurance industry on the MENA’s and Global levels alike,” he said after receiving the award.

 Ken Maw, Chairman at Refpoint Business Consultants, picked up the Outstanding achievement by an individual award, the last category to be awarded in the evening. He said: “I feel like an artist who has completed a masterpiece and is now sketching out those initial brush strokes on a brand new canvas.”

All the winners:

Personal Lines Insurer

Winner: RSA Insurance UAE

Collected by: Chris Dooley, CEO – UAE

Judges’ comments: “RSA provides great value and a close relationship with its clients. They have been investing in technology, customer focused distribution and other initiatives that will bring new improvements in the future.”

Takaful Insurer

Winner Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company

Collected by: Osama Abdeen, CEO

Judges’ comments: “Despite market challenges, ADNT continues to grow in the UAE and it clients continue to trust the company’s standards and services.”



Claims Management Services Provider

Winner MedNet

Collected by: Firas Khabow, Regional Project Manager

Judges’ comments: “MedNet has provided its clients with quality services, facilitated by the company’s large network of professionals from different areas and regions.”

Highly Commended Aafiya Medical Billing Services


 Takaful Reinsurer

Winner Hannover ReTakaful

 Collected by: Mahomed Akoob, Managing Director

Judges’ comments: “Hannover ReTakaful has been an important contributor to the development of the Takaful sector in the Middle East. The company follows the Sharia principles entirely and has an important role in promoting the Takaful way of business in the region.”

Commercial Lines Broker

Winner Nexus Insurance Brokers

Collected by: Samira Nodjoumi, Marketing Director

Judges’ comments: “Nexus provides expert advice and a close contact with its clients. Even in complex covers, the company tries to understand the clients’ requirements and give them all the required information.”

Jordan Insurer

Winner Middle East Insurance

Judges’ comments: “The company maintains a close relationship with its clients through their large network of branches in Jordan.”

Employee Benefits Provider

Winner MetLife Gulf

Collected by: Theodor Alexandrescu, General Manager

Judges’ comments: “MetLife has a good reputation amongst its customers for being attentive to people’s needs and providing innovative and simple distribution channels.”

Speciality Lines Broker

Winner Apex

Judges’ comments: “They are very professional and have an extensive knowledge on a wide range of areas.”

Most innovative insurer – technology

Winner Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company

Collected by: Ahmad Idris, CEO

Judges’ comments: “ADNIC has realigned its operational strategy to adapt to the technological era. Their new Medical Insurance Services app is an example of their innovation.”


Highly Commended Takaful International Company


Audit Services Provider

Winner KPMG Lower Gulf

Collected by: Umair Hameed, Partner

Judges’ comments: “KPMG is visibly committed to provide the high quality services to their clients. They work closely with their clients to develop solutions that deal with accelerated pace of change in this market.”

Oman Insurer

Winner: AIG

Collected by: Neelmani Bhardwaj, General Manager

Judges’ comments: “AIG is a very efficient insurance company and I think the region has much to learn from its way of doing business.”


Personal Lines Broker

Winner Nexus Insurance Brokers

Collected by: Samira Nodjoumi, Marketing Director

Judges’ comments: “Nexus has worked closely with the local and expats community here in the region. They are very good at give advice and understanding their clients’ needs.”


Technology Firm


Collected by: Petter Moen, Head of Insurance and Ambareen Musa, Founder & CEO

Judges’ comments: “The company offers many services that facilitate risk managers and insurance managers’ work.”

SME Insurer

Winner Oman Insurance Company

Collected by: Yasser Khalifa, Executive Vice President, Medical

Judges’ comments: “Oman Insurance Company has special care not only not to neglect SMEs, like some other insurers do, but to provide quality service to any business, no matter how small.”

Actuarial/risk Consultancy Services

Winner: Milliman

Collected by: Mark R. Shapland, Principal & Consulting Actuary

Judges’ comments: “Milliman is an expert in a wide spectrum of business worldwide and I believe it is bringing its know-how to the region.”


Highly Commended: Badri Management Consultancy


Most innovative insurer – product

Winner: AIG

Collected by: Michael Jensen, Managing Director

Judges’ comments: “I am impressed with their CyberEdge product. The region needs more risk management solutions for this area.”


Rating’s Agency

Winner: Moody’s Investors Service Middle East

Judges’ comments: “Moody’s have a growing presence in the Middle East and produce good targeted publications.  They continue to build their market profile.”

Commercial Lines Insurer

Winner: RSA Insurance

Collected by: A K Ravindran, Technical Director

Judges’ comments: “RSA has an impressive local and regional expertise, strong relationship with their partners and a wide range of products.”


Qatar Insurer

Winner: AXA insurance Gulf

Collected by: Franck Heimburger, Chief Sales & Distribution Officer

Judges’ comments: “AXA is very professional and has a great risk management expertise. They are a reliable company that has contributed to Qatar’s insurance market improvement.”

Third Party Administrator

Winner: GlobeMed Group

Collected by: Ziad Kharma, Vice President Business Development & Actuarial Services

Judges’ comments: “They offer a personalised and trustworthy service to clients in the region. Their availability and attention to their clients’ needs is impressive.”


Highly Commended: Neuron


Rising star

Winner: Bader Omar Attari, Jordan International Insurance Group

Collected by: Bader Omar Attari, Jordan International Insurance Group

Winner’s comments: “Happy to have received the Rising Star award form MENA Insurance Review for 2017.

It is such an honour to be recognized as an insurance leader with an impact on the Insurance industry across the MENA region. This is only the start, and by holding this award, I am with pleasure holding the responsibility to contribute more to the insurance industry on the MENA’s and Global levels alike.

Humbled with the trust and confidence this award brought within and enthusiastic for the upcoming challenges in 2017.

I am currently the Sr. VP for Non-Life Operations at Jordan International Insurance Company and a Trainer with the Arab Insurance Institute, Holding the Chartered Insurance Risk Management designation from the CII – UK and MBA from New York Institute for Technology.”

Judges’ comments: “Bader quickly ascended in the insurance industry: from account executive to Senior Vice President for Property, Causality and Marine in less than a decade. He has also dedicated himself to improve his skills in the insurance industry and keep up with the international developments in the sector.”


Most Innovative Reinsurer

Winner: Zurich Insurance Company

Collected by: Peter Englund, Head of Commercial Insurance, Middle East

Judges’ comments: “Zurich is a valuable partner because it has a wide understanding of its customers’ needs, has a skilful and attentive team with local and international expertise. You can trust them to understand and fulfil your needs and requirements.”

Insurance law firm

Winner: Holman Fenwick Willan Middle East

Collected by: John Barlow, Partner

Judges’ comments: “The firm has experienced professionals and an impeccable legal knowledge and expertise.”

Highly Commended: Clyde & Co


Life Insurer

Winner: Zurich International Life, Middle East

Collected by: Walter Jopp, CEO, Zurich Insurance Company, Middle East

Judges’ comments: “Zurich is an important market player who is focused on improving the market’s overall standards and quality of the services provided. They offer different protection solutions that adapt to your business or personal requirements.”


Winner: Insurance Monitor

Collected by: Nisha Braganza, Founder and CEO

Judges’ comments: “Insurance Monitor has the potential to become a reference for insurance professionals in the region. We are looking forward to see the benefits it can bring to the regional market.”

Highly Commended: Refpoint Business Consultants


Corporate Risk Manager

Winner Adnan Abu Alhaija’a, Arab Orient Insurance Company|gig

Collected by: Adnan Abu Alhaija’a, Arab Orient Insurance Company|gig

Winner’s Comment: Thank you so much, it’s an honour for me to share my experience with MENAIR, one of the best sources of information for the Insurance Industry practitioners, in the world.

Actually, I had always been seeking for “Uniqueness”, and that’s why I started my career in Risk Management, and therefore I starting looking for different resources to access information and get connected to the Market, which luckily saying, I knew about the MENA Insurance Review.

Last year, by the time I read about the award and the winner, I realized the value of the Award, I checked the criteria and of course the winner profile. As a result, I knew immediately that I have all the capabilities to make it and be the one for the year of 2017.

Judges’ comments: “Adnan has built experience in several international companies, particularly in enterprise risk management frameworks and developing business continuity and crisis management plans. We would also like to highlight his constant efforts towards self-improvement, always expanding his knowledge on the field and keeping updated with the latest developments in the risk management subject.”


Reinsurance Broker

Winner Willis Re

Judges’ comments: “Very impressive strength across the region and leadership from Atish Suri.”

“Willis Re’s operations have continued to expand internationally and regionally, especially through the merger with Towers Watson.  Their submission evidences new and innovative solutions being introduced for their clients in the Middle East, together with a focus on client service and excellence.   In my view, a worthy recipient of this award.”


UAE Insurer

Winner Oman Insurance Company

Collected by: Ranji Sinha, Executive Vice President, Distribution UAE

Judges’ comments: “OIC has high delivery standards and a real focus on fulfilling their clients’ requirements and help them understand products and coverages. They are the best player in the UAE’s insurance market.”


Health Insurer

Winner The National Health Insurance Company-Daman

Collected by: Dr Sven Rohte, Chief commercial officer

Judges’ comments: “Daman has been doing an impressive work in the region’s insurance market and taking advantage of the newest technological developments.”

Most Innovative Service Provider

Winner The Arab Insurance Institute

Collected by: Husain Al Ajmi, CEO

Judges’ comments: “The region needs more education and training solutions for its insurance and risk management professionals. Qualification is the key to the region’s insurance market development and we believe the Arab Insurance Institute is on the right path to achieve this.”


Highly Commended Now Health International


Most Innovative Broker

Winner Nexus Insurance Brokers

Collected by: Samira Nodjoumi, Marketing Director

Judges’ comments: “Nexus offers an innovative portfolio that meets their clients’ demands and expectations, either for corporate or individual lines.”

Highly Commended Goodwill Insurance Brokers



Winner: Munich Re

Collected by: Dr Frank Mayer, Senior Executive Officer

Winner’s Comment: Munich Re takes away the “Reinsurer of the Year” award at the MENA Insurance Awards, making it the third year in a row where Munich Re receives such a prestigious recognition.

In addition, MedNet, part of the Munich Re Group, has been granted the “Claims Management Services Provider of the Year” award for its superior quality of services.

Operating in a highly competitive environment, Munich Re stood out from all other players and received the “Reinsurer of the Year” award, as a result of the assessment of an independent panel of industry professionals.

With a well-established presence in the MENA region, Munich Re offers a wide range of sophisticated and innovative solutions to its large network of partners, e.g. capital management solutions and insurance product innovation, which are constantly enhanced in line with ongoing developments and challenging market conditions.

Judges’ comments: “Munich Re has always supported its clients in the region and helped them improve their performance and adapt to the new market trends. Their international experience, advanced market standards and know-how have highly benefited the region’s insurance industry.”


Insurer – Overall

Winner RSA Insurance

Collected by: Lloyd East, Regional CEO

Comment: “It is absolutely an honour to receive the Overall Insurer of the Year Award for 2017. This award is a testament to the faith and support of our clients and partners across the region. RSA’s Middle East operations have not only weathered the heavy cross-winds of the oil crisis. But, have also dealt with nearly two years of uncertainty; when RSAs emerging market businesses were under business review.

Despite this double impact, RSA has maintained its share in a competitive market across the region and retained over 90% of customers from its top 100. RSA has also signed new strategic partnerships across the region. I want to thank every member of RSA Middle East to make this happen.”

Judges’ comments: “RSA has been an important market player in the region for many years. Their understanding of the region is unequalled and their capacity to adapt to new trends and requirements is noteworthy.”

Collected by: Lloyd East, Regional CEO


Outstanding achievement by an individual

Winner Ken Maw, Refpoint Business Consultants

Collected by: Ken Maw, Refpoint Business Consultants

Winner’s Comment: “Just to be nominated within the finalists for both awards, I would have already considered a great achievement, however to receive both a Highly Commended Certificate for “Refpoint” as well as a Winner’s trophy for the Outstanding Achievement Category was beyond my expectations having only just very recently established our new business venture.

Over the past 34 years in Dubai, I am very proud to have always delivered both shareholder value and consistent profits to my stakeholders year on year and in essence I feel like an artist who has completed a masterpiece and is now sketching out those initial brush strokes on a brand new canvas.

I feel truly honoured to have been a recipient at the MENAIR Insurance Awards. Thank you again!”

Judges’ comments: “Ken has recently started his new company, where he aims to gather all his expertise and knowledge to expand and provide service of excellence to the region. The new company has already established important partnerships in the region that will enable him to drive his new company towards an international success. It take courage to start anew.”













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